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Justice Antonin Scalia: The Bard of the Bench? (With a Mark Fiore Political Cartoon Video)

By Elaine Magliaro Award-winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore said that it only seemed fitting “to use Antonin Scalia’s own words for a poetry slam, since the justice’s snarky dissents are filled with so many poetic gems.”  Fiore noted that the … Continue reading

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Antonin Scalia and the Context of Context [UPDATED]

By Mark Esposito I’ve been reading a lot of Supreme Court cases lately. No big appeal coming up or any federal research to do on any of my cases, I’m just completely  fascinated by Justice Antonin Scalia. The firebrand in … Continue reading

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Wendell Potter: Court Case Against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Shows How Insurers Rip Off Working People and Their Employers

By Elaine Magliaro Wendell Potter is a former CIGNA executive who became a healthcare industry whistleblower. He is an outspoken critic of the US private health insurance industry–“particularly HMOs, and the sometimes-hidden tactics insurers can use to increase their profits by creatively denying policyholders their … Continue reading

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SCOTUS, The Hobby Lobby Case, and The Three Amigos of TV Comedy News Programs

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro I have been enjoying Last Week Tonight, John Oliver’s new comedy show, which airs on HBO on Sunday evenings. Last week, Oliver did a funny segment on the Hobby Lobby case prior to the Supreme Court’s … Continue reading

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