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Picture of the Day, 27 April 2015: Baltimore, Maryland

by Chuck Stanley Baltimore, Maryland. April 26, 2015. A picture is worth a thousand words. If ever a photo should exist to explain how we feel every day, from the moment we arise til we fall asleep. — The … Continue reading

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Bicycling While Black Can Land You in Trouble with Police in Tampa, Florida

By Elaine Magliaro Alexandra Zayas and Kameel Stanley reported recently that a Tampa Bay Times investigation had found that the Tampa police were “targeting poor, black neighborhoods with obscure subsections of a Florida statute that outlaws things most people have tried on … Continue reading

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Florida Deputy Ignored 911 Call from Dying Woman So He Could Have Lunch

By Elaine Magliaro Yvan Fernandez, a Lee County deputy who has been accused of going to lunch instead of responding to a 911 call for help, is now out of a job. Last month, WZVN broke the story that the sheriff had … Continue reading

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Scott Walker, the Wisconsin Club for Growth, Dark Money, and an Orchestrated Supreme Court Coup

By Elaine Magliaro Mary Bottari of PR Watch wrote a report today about two court cases that have not garnered much media attention–even though the stakes “could not be higher.” She said the converging cases “will decide the future of … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day for April 23, 2015: On the Subject of Outsourcing American Jobs

Posted by Elaine Magliaro

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Man-made Earthquakes and “Three-Eyed Billy Embraces the Apocalypse” (Mark Fiore Video)

By Elaine Magliaro Mark Fiore said that the new frontier in scientific denial is “earthquake denial.” He noted that the burning of fossil fuels has helped to change the atmosphere—and now processes being used to extract oil and gas from … Continue reading

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How to Win Friends and Influence People: Invitiation to Federally Self-fornicate Edition

submitted by Gene Howington I’m not going to offer much commentary on this document other than to note that representing yourself in litigation is usually a very bad idea, that sugar works better than napalm when dealing with a Federal … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day for April 22, 2015: On the Subject of Americans’ Access to Doctors and Weapons

Posted by Elaine Magliaro

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Wisconsin Has Largest Decline of Middle Class of Any State According to New Study.

By Elaine Magliaro Scottie Lee Meyers of Wisconsin Public Radio wrote an article earlier this month about a new state-by-state analysis conducted by The Pew Charitable Trusts which shows that Wisconsin has “experienced the biggest decline in middle-class households in … Continue reading

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Campaign 2016: Let the Running Begin…with a Handy Dandy “Candidate Kit” (Mark Fiore Political Cartoon Video)

By Elaine Magliaro That time has arrived when prospective presidential candidates are “on the road” once again in densely populated states like Iowa and New Hampshire speaking to and eating with the regular folks—you know, the common working people these … Continue reading

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