They Killed the GOP Party – You Bastards!

“Oooh, thats a bingo!” (Inglourious Basterds – Col. Hans Landa)

By ann summers

With the continued dithering of the GOP over who will be its next Speaker of the House of Representatives, although my bet would be on Paul Ryan once he figures out he can never become POTUS, and much like successful proctology, we now can see the end at the light of the tunnel. Although one wonders why the Pope and Bibi turned the position down – oh right…. they’d be illegal immigrants despite being Judeo-Christian.

With the 40(?)-member secret society known as the Freedom Caucus and the rise of Trump, the GOP’s demise into a rump regional party has begun. Even the Koch Brothers have a clickbait online poll for voting for Speaker because we know how freeping fair & balanced the intertoobs are (197,000 and counting….)

The Koch Brothers’ choices for Speaker of the House

When the history of the Republican Party is written, historians will probably regard Jan. 6, 2015, as the last chance the Republican Party had of saving itself.

The re-election that day of John Boehner as House speaker was a shocking event. The shock was not that he won. Most people expected that. Mr. Boehner was the speaker when the Republicans took their largest majority in 80 years. Yet, 10 percent of his caucus voted against him on Tuesday. Nancy Pelosi had a number of Democrats vote against her after the 2010 election but her party lost the majority.

German Hunter pays 40K to kill Africa’s biggest elephant Can I pay 40K to knock Germany’s biggest twat’s teeth out?

— Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) October 15, 2015

In fact, some in the Freedom Caucus had preferred to keep Boehner in power as a hobbled speaker. They initially resisted a motion filed against him by one member, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.).

To that end, the Freedom Caucus may get its wish. Boehner has said he will remain until a new speaker is elected.

If the group blocks Ryan from ascending to the speaker’s office, it will have achieved perhaps a more powerful victory than forcing out Boehner.

It may force him to stay.

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    I’d be more interested in Soros’ or Steyr’s choices.

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