Let’s not wait until he sends a selfie to Jody Foster

By ann summers


This guy below being interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper decided to imitate the  Draw the Prophet competition that resulted in the deaths of two anti-blasphemy extremists from Phoenix that led to some “patriots” there to stage an anti-Islamic protest including that same guy curating an exhibition from the back of a pickup truck.

Then in the context of the takeover of a federal structure in Oregon, this same dude records a goodbye video reminiscent of a Middle-Eastern extremist before a suicide attack. Unfortunately cheap gasoline is aiding his attention seeking odyssey and those armed militants supporting arsonist scofflaws in Oregon, now liberating an unoccupied bird sanctuary are obscuring a potential cry for help.




The group was led by Ammon Bundy, a rancher whose family became a symbol of antigovernment sentiment in 2014 when his father, Cliven Bundy, inspired a standoff between armed local antigovernment activists and federal officials seeking to confiscate cattle grazing illegally on federal land in Nevada.


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  1. Jon-boy is a real piece of work.
    Keep it up and he may end up as a guest blogger on a Famous Legal Blog.

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