After week III, another two months of Bundystani insurgency, now with moronic extra-Constitutionality

oregon-militia_1_By ann summers

Evoking New York language values, Slate magazine has now labeled the East Oregon Bundystani as Jamokes trying to enforce Shania(sic) Law in an incursion by outsiders.

We may not understand public land laws, but we understand how to be outraged about linguistic dog whistles. We may not want to worry about gun-toting crazies, but we are happy to worry about Fox News’ lopsided vision of terrorism. And while our preoccupation with getting the language right might seem depressing in this context, it’s not entirely quixotic or useless. Language represents an island of control in a vast sea of helplessness, and debating language is a way of thinking more clearly through aspects of society that elude our control. It’s a better way, at least, than marching, armed, into a building in Oregon like a bunch of … well.

As the Feds continue to maintain a low profile at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, the Oregon governor has called for their intervention and the game of non-cooperation continues. With further jurisdictional lines being better defined, and at the risk of being called “outside agitators”  the Bundy bantustan now has begun to lose the support of the Harney County community. The meeting on Tuesday that featured a visit from militia leaders in the town of Burns allowed many to see the erosion of support and rising friction between local residents and the largely non-Oregonian occupation force. 

Federal, state and local law enforcement officers have been sent to the area but so far have avoided doing anything that might provoke a confrontation. One occupier was arrested for unauthorized use of a vehicle after driving a vehicle owned by the refuge into Burns, and a Montana man who was stopped by Oregon State Police last week for a lighting violation was arrested on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Containment, whether state, federal, or county has always occupied a tactical backseat with search/destroy or encircle/clear operations as the weekly cost of $100,000 to the State of Oregon mounts.

Rising contradictions among the Bundystani may doom their occupation as the divine inspiration given to some might soon become as truthful as the lack of an “exit plan” that has yet to be announced but seems to be the subject of FBI negotiations. The Oregonian has now editorialized that further measures to incentivize a withdrawal begin.

Hundreds of people gathered Monday afternoon in a Northeast Portland park to show support for federally owned lands and call for the criminal prosecution of the refuge occupiers. Conservation groups staged similar rallies throughout the state, including in Eugene, Bend and La Grande, according to Oregon Wild, formerly known as the Oregon Natural Resources Council. There also were gatherings in Washington and Idaho.

As the red dawn sets on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, the continuing scriptual quest of the Bundystani uprising in East Oregon is a sad tale of plywood or particle board not unlike seeing in this siege the figure of Moses Tripoli from the television version of Fargo. (Is he listening to me? I cut off his ears. ) Hardwood with that donated 55 gallon drum of personal lubricant and hard times are ahead with the historical precedent of 81 days for the Montana Freeman siege.


Like his Gilligan forebears, Skipper Moroni defends the Title of Libertarianism and the precolumbian 4×8 in the F-150’s procrustean bed

This land Northward near Burns, Oregon, is a continuing tale of the USA, where Country comes First as Western comes Second just as it was proposed during the 2008 election. (The land northward North of Bountiful, land of desolation, did not have a lot of wood, cement/stone experts). In terms of iconographical accuracy the Bundistani should be waging this battle in Yemen.

So too, does Federal jurisdiction over the sympathies of city, county, and state officials in the prosecution of trespassers and native artifact destroyers. Ammo(ro)n Bundy, de facto leader of the Fluffy Unicornists, wants to prevail in the moronic struggle to fulfill Alamnnite prophecy and the land hegemony against the Laminates and their plywood products. Can he pay the rent with his coat once he’s torn his tactical gear? And is the only sedimented or layered difference from Montana in 1996 in holding cultural wedge issues hostage along with public lands.

The Montana Freemen were an anti-government Christian Patriot movement group based outside the town of Jordan, Montana. The members of the group referred to their land as “Justus Township” and had declared themselves no longer under the authority of any outside government. They became the center of public attention in 1996 when they engaged in a prolonged armed standoff with agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Montana Freemen espoused belief in the doctrine of individual sovereignty and rejected the authority of the federal government of the United States

The similar 1993 standoff in Waco, Texas involving the Branch Davidians as well as the 1992 incident between the Weaver family and the FBI at Ruby Ridge, Idaho were still fresh in the public mind, and the FBI was extremely cautious and wanted to prevent a recurrence of those violent events. After 81 days of negotiations, the Freemen surrendered to authorities on June 14, 1996

The Bundystani should expect a sovereign stay with their Montana comrades in the Appalachian GITMO as moronic thought has become more prominent these days.

Communication Management Unit is a recent designation for a self-contained group within a facility in the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons that severely restricts, manages and monitors all outside communication (telephone, mail, visitation) of inmates in the unit. 


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