Lookout Wimmins iz in your can




By ann summers

Family Restrooms have been commonplace for many public institutions and darned if defending family values and traditional marriage has come under attack by well, non-traditional families, darn those sister-wives, extended families, single parents, and orphans.VS_FamilyRestroom_Map_1_.jpg



There is a long history of hygienic regulation in the US emerging from the standardization of indoor plumbing and the set-back rules for urban architecture.

And now in states like North Carolina, “common sense restroom management” has spawned new law like HB2 that need to be enforced against the LGBTQ community. So like the founders’ frontier heritage, vigilante justice in the absence of official law enforcement might be necessary for US citizens’ genitalia. This entails using the power of the State to authenticate by regulation, a new brand of genital political correctness in public accommodation even if it is legislation designed by male RWNJs to scare women and girls and make cops look stupid.

The high porn media consumption data for states like North Carolina indicates that undocumented transgendered persons might be employed in the production of that content so like stochastic terrorism, they might be invading or compelling their viewers to invade the public restrooms of the US for nefarious purposes despite the lack of actual reported incidents.

worse than contraceptive devices or sex toys in 2007 Texas



Even greater danger can come from women using artificial means in order to pee standing up, and since there are often more individual toilet fixtures in restroom facilities in US public buildings there is going to be a flood(sic) of women avoiding the lines in airport terminals and sports stadiums and invading men’s sacred spaces.

Fortunately the forward thinking phallocrats in states like NC have passed laws like HB2 where men and boys can inspect each other’s penises in their restrooms as well as ferret out those women and trans-men violating their space.

Fortunately men’s restrooms have been designed with more public space and fixtures than women’s restrooms which allows male mutual observation of junk to presumably ensure gendered political correctness so that real dicks can use the can.

penile vigilantism for when there’s no cop around — how the phallocrats want you to enforce common sense short-arm inspections to keep women out of the men’s room — See a dick, DBAD


But of course most families have grown up using the same toilets but perhaps this will be a boon for plumbers to retrofit gendered bathrooms in residential housing starting of course with Section 8 and mass public housing projects.



In terms of Toilet Fascism, the discourse is truly Pee-C when ostensibly cis-gendered straight men want to control all other people’s bodily functions and frighten women and girls. This is misogyny of a quite odd sort since ironically, men’s rooms are the site where mutually visible display of genitalia among men and boys is more likely.

The RW attempt to enforce privacy-violating gender norms in the name of sex crime prevention makes them the true perverts in attempting to monitor everyone’s genitals much like the numerous transvaginal scan regulations attempted in some states. Those states ironically have attempted to bar non-existent threats of sharia law, as if Judeo-Christian genital inspection/surveillance as gender confirmation had some Constitutional standing as state-sponsored short-arm inspection. Like the men’s room, it seems to be a particularly RW male obsession like the “small hands” meme of the GOP debates. Libertarian privacy rights seems somehow co-mingled with the fear of pedophila much like the RW rhetorical pairing of homosexuality and bestiality. RW terror always seems to border on one’s fly-zone.

Gov. Pat McCrory
Does “Pee-C Pat” also want women out of men’s toilets. Or does he only believe in the right to keep and bare short arms


So for example, post-Schilling firing, many misogynist idiots burned up teh Twitter over an all-female ESPN panel on a sports program and then there’s Carnival Cruz’s doubled-down take on this bit of unchecked underpants…

“ESPN fired Curt Schilling for making the rather obvious point that we shouldn’t allow grown male adult strangers alone in a bathroom with little girls,” the Texas senator said in a Thursday interview on Glenn Beck’s radio show. “That’s a point anyone who is rational should understand.”

Like Schilling, Cruz sees opposition to this meme and to so-called “bathroom bills” as a result of unchecked “political correctness.”

Or….. speaking much more truth to rationality (NSFW)…


This takeover of men’s public pissoirs could be the result of Brexit (Britain leaving the EU)…



How the GOP will enforce restroom genders and monetize pay-to-play toilets. The negative externality would be 24/7/365 diurination in the Streets


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  1. (snark)
    Boy, it sure is nice that this is the most important problem facing our country today.
    (/snark off.)

  2. Actually I don’t think I’ve seen a Republican work on legislation to fix a real actual problem in years anyway. So I guess they aren’t exactly wasting much of their time.

  3. pete says:

    “undocumented transgendered persons”

    “Do you have your papers.”

    “No, but I’ll show you the pen.”

    Seriously though, I do wonder if the law is for people who have already had gender reassignment surgery or for those who are still transitioning.

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