Readings – How does Mitt Romney sound?

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Apparently Donald Trump is no more popular with some conservatives than he is with liberals.  Will Rahn of CBS News makes the case for Mitt Romney to step in.


Commentary: Run, Mitt, run!

Will Rahn | CBS News | June 15, 12016

“Why doesn’t Mitt Romney just run for president? If Mitt thinks Donald Trump would be such a disaster as president, why doesn’t he just go in as a spoiler? Why not ensure that Trump can’t win by dividing the Republican vote?

Maybe, as of just a few weeks ago, Mitt was really thinking about running. I sort of suspect he was, if only because it’s the only reason I can think of why Paul Ryan would wait so long to endorse Trump, make such a big deal of not endorsing Trump, and then fold a couple of weeks later after Trump surrenders more-or-less nothing. Ryan’s a sophisticated operator – why would he do all that, embarrass himself like that, unless he was told that there really was a non-Trump Republican who might jump in?…

Because here’s the thing about another Romney run: he could win… ” ~ my emphasis,  continue reading

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  1. ragnarsbhut says:

    Mitt Romney destroyed himself politically with his 47% comment.

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