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This is the Sound of You

W. S. Merwin (1927–2019) was an American poet who wrote more than fifty books of poetry and prose, and produced many translations. In the 1980s and 1990s, his writing influence derived from an interest in Buddhist philosophy and deep ecology. Residing in a rural part … Continue reading

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TCS: In Scotland, this is HOGMANAY

Good Morning! ____________________________________________________________ Welcome to The Coffee Shop, just for you early risers on Monday mornings. This is an Open Thread forum, so if you have an off-topic opinion burning a hole in your brainpan, feel free to add a … Continue reading

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Word Cloud: PORTENTS

by NONA BLYTH CLOUD The New Year. It has often seemed bright with the promise of better things to come. New Year 2017 fills me with foreboding, which is reflected in this week’s poems. While some people are out celebrating, … Continue reading

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Word Cloud: HOGMANAY

by NONA BLYTH CLOUD A guid New Year to ane an` a` and mony may ye see! New Year’s Eve is celebrated around the world, but in Scotland, it’s called Hogmanay. For about 400 years, from the end of the … Continue reading

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