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Some Things You Should Know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Senator Elizabeth Warren and Others Have Major Concerns Regarding the Trade Pact That Is Being Negotiated in Secrecy

By Elaine Magliaro In Ferbruary, I wrote a post about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) being another bad trade deal for the United States. (You can read that post here.) Many people—including some members of Congress—have complained about the “extreme” secrecy … Continue reading

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What’s Going on in Public Education: “A Brief History of the ‘Testocracy,’ Standardized Testing and Test-Defying”

By Elaine Magliaro I just came across an excellent article today titled A Brief History of the “Testocracy,” Standardized Testing and Test-Defying that I think is a MUST READ for anyone concerned about the mania for the high-stakes testing of … Continue reading

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Holy Shit!: Conservative Icon and “Duck Dynasty” Star Phil Robertson Weaves a Gruesome Tale about Child Rape, a Beheading, and Castration at a Florida Prayer Breakfast

By Elaine Magliaro Brian Tashman of Right Wing Watch reported on an unbelievable story today. He said that Rick Wiles, the Christian conservative radio host of “Trunews,” had aired a speech on his program last Friday that Duck Dynasty star … Continue reading

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Municipal Violations, Debtors’ Prisons, For-Profit Probation Companies…and a John Oliver Video

By Elaine Magliaro Two years ago, I wrote a column for Res Ipsa Loquitor on the subject of debtors’ prisons in the United States. In that posting, I told about a 2010 report published by the America Civil Liberties Union … Continue reading

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“SIREN”: A Movie Starring Michele Fiore, the Batshit Crazy Nevada Politician Who Claims Cancer Is a Fungus

By Elaine Magliaro Last month, I wrote a post about a batshit crazy politician from Nevada who claims that cancer is a fungus that can be flushed out with baking soda. That politician–Michele Fiore–also “gained notoriety for telling a ‘colored’ … Continue reading

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Fort Lauderdale Police Officers Fired Over Racist Text Messages and Video

By Elaine Magliaro WSVN reported today that the FBI “is launching an inquiry into the Fort Lauderdale Police Department’s internal affairs investigation that led to the firing of three police officers over racial slurs’ that they used in personal text … Continue reading

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A Little Sunday Night Humor: Florida Lawmaker Mocks Rick Scott Official for Refusing to Use the Term “Climate Change’ While Testifying Before the State Legislature (VIDEO)

By Elaine Magliaro A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about Governor Rick Scott of Florida. It appears that after Scott took office in 2011 officials of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) had “been ordered not to … Continue reading

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