From SteamPunk to Trumpunk’d Americans… a libertarian/GOP social-media battle/alliance

 By ann summers

From SteamPunk to Trumpunk’d Americans… a libertarian/GOP social media battle/alliance to come or will Bernie’s youth followers vote their real interests.

It’s more than Hillary’s gaffe about the need to redirect coal producing communities but to make sure that the Democratic message is one that meets the generational, racial, and class diversity that made the last eight years at least unified with ideals of hope and change. This redhat cosplay could happen even if the institutional forces of unhinged Congressional RWNJs in 2010 and 2014 have resisted a 21st Century pluralistic change in the US with the GOP’s banal appeals to 19th Century civil war historical divisiveness based in sexism, slavery, war, and colonialism.


Every election cycle, there are extremist defectors from the GOP who play the Libertarian Party’s members: Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Bob Dornan come to mind among the false consciousness of those looney LP antiabortionist anti-statists who want to use the state’s police power to stop “killing the babies”.

This year even crazier folks including a potential murderer and a stripper displayed their wares on the LP conference stage. But the most interesting folks are those who support NOTA (none of the above as a universal ballot voting option) and 420 deregulation of certain schedule drugs.

freedope and freedopeyer 

This cycle’s LP electoral cannon fodder are former GOP governors Gary Johnson (NM) and William Weld (MA), so-called, moderates. They do represent the real failure of the LP to unify the lunatic fringe as Rand Paul has tried to meld the advanced technology culture’s nerdish personality orders with the larger GOP social psychosis represented by tehDonald.

In 1992 Rupert Murdoch fired Steven Chao “as President of Fox for hiring a male model to strip during a speech…on Standards and Practices” This kind of carnivalesque and transgressive stunt is a standard feature of the RW, despite the fear-campaign against transgendered attacks on children’s toilets.

The recent performance spectacle at the LP convention last weekend was more about 19th Century Bear-Baiting as spectacle but still also about making some comment however profane, on the authenticity of gender or at least the need to sanction nudism (recall the Robert Downey Sherlock Holmes sequel).

“Anyone who goes to convention will be able to fund raise enough money off a couple weeks worth of emails to pay for (a killer app)”


Throughout the 2016 cycle, the leading Republican White House hopefuls have leaned on expensive data-driven operations to help volunteers knock on the right doors and spread carefully calibrated messages on television, online and through direct mail…

Another source maintained that what’s necessary is a tracking system akin to what’s used for working big-dollar donors — a fluid script that changes based on a person’s specific interests. The most important thing will be solid data on the delegates, as well as information on alternates who step in if there’s an absence. Estimates for a killer convention app appear to range from five to six figures, and the incentive to spend money on the technology is seen by many as well worth it if it can potentially put someone in the White House.…



There has been some speculation about whether Hillary does have any fun (clearly PBO does) and one hopes that the post-DNC convention might reveal that paucity of one-on-one interviews. Rather than the usual sox/rux, how will Democratic party unity proceed to increase broad GOTV despite the demographic differences and the continuing denial over superdelegate defection.

Steam-punk, in its most simple definition, is a type of fiction that places contemporary technology in the Victorian Era with Coal (and thus Steam) as the primary power source instead of Gas or Electricity. 0b47bc98563ceb68f6393f9133dd93f493b622152d62c7a8ed006e46bfc48d40_1_.jpg

Wikipedia defines it as”works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used — usually the 19th century, and often Victorian era Britain — but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy.” Mike Perschon,The Steampunk Scholar, calls it “an aesthetic that mixes elements of technofantasy, and neo-Victorian retrofuturism.”

What does the study of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and their theories offer to Steampunk writers? Flavor more than anything, particularly for those writers who play in First-World Steampunk. Seeing as Marx was a prominent thinker during the timeframe, his socialist thoughts would be read by quite a few people. Maybe even some would be attempting implementation of the theories.


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  1. About that last video. I have ordered a large quantity of brain bleach. Thanks a lot.

  2. pete says:

    I’ve heard somewhere that a libertarian is a republican who smokes weed. I also heard that steampunks are goths who’ve discovered the color brown.

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