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Global “suicide by police” cannot be the basis for a foreign policy

By ann summers     In the abstract, there’s too much meta in global politics. Yet as today’s interview of Robin Wright on NPR indicates having that more theoretical view is very important to gaining perspective on the various machinations of domestic … Continue reading

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No Child Left Behind is Dead…

By ann summers   So the good news is that with the signing of the Every Student Succeeds Act , 2002’s No Child Left Behind finally joins eraser chalk in the dustbin of History, but like whiteboards, the aroma of dry-erase markers … Continue reading

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Histories of commons repeat themselves as tragedy and farce

By ann summers “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” (Who watches the watchers) Juvenal Recently, a US rancher with unfortunate racist and fascist tendencies came to the attention of US media with unfortunate consequences but an interesting discourse path. I won’t repeat … Continue reading

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Draft of Justice Department Report Claims That Police Escalated Tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, Following the Death of Michael Brown

By Elaine Magliaro According to the draft of a Justice Department report, police in Ferguson, Missouri, escalated tensions after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Matt Apuzzo (New York Times) said that the report “describes a chaotic scene in which … Continue reading

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Two Alabama Police Officers Accused of Being Members of a White Supremacist Hate Group Put on Administrative Leave

By Elaine Magliaro The city of Anniston, Alabama, has placed two of its police officers on administrative leave while it investigates accusations that the men are members of a hate group. On Wednesday, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) posted … Continue reading

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Governor Rick Snyder and the Unraveling of Democracy in the State of Michigan

By Elaine Magliaro Loretta Gottesdeiner of Tom’s Dispatch has an article over at Salon titled “Something is rotten in Michigan”: Poisoned water supplies, dissolved school districts and a massive unraveling of American democracy. Gottesdeiner says that Michigan Governor “Rick Snyder … Continue reading

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Two Bright Lights in Missouri: The Ferguson Municipal Public Library and Its Director Scott Bonner Who Served the Community Well in a Time of Crisis

By Elaine Magliaro Here is some uplifting news out of Ferguson, Missouri: The Ferguson Municipal Public Library (FMPL) has been named Library of the Year by Library Journal magazine and Gale, a part of Cengage Learning. According to Caroline Siede … Continue reading

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Court Releases Photograph of Two Chicago Cops Posing As Hunters with Black Suspect Wearing Antlers

By Elaine Magliaro Here’s a photograph of Chicago Police Department officers Jerome Finnigan (left) and Timothy McDermott (right) posing with an unidentified suspect. (Note: The photo was obtained by The Chicago Sun-Times from a court filing.) The Chicago Police Department … Continue reading

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Stateside California: Pregnant Black Woman Who Refused to Provide Identification Slammed to Ground and Arrested by Barstow Police

By Elaine Magliaro The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Southern California (ACLU SoCal) obtained a video taken in January outside a school building by a police body camera of an officer “responding to an apparent traffic dispute.” The dispute  … Continue reading

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Colorado Teacher Files Lawsuit Against School District Claiming It Is Promoting Christianity to Students

By Elaine Magliaro Robert Basevitz, a high school teacher in Colorado, claims that administrators employed by the Fremont RE-2 School District are running one of their public schools as a religious school. Paul Maxon, Basevitz’s attorney, has filed a lawsuit … Continue reading

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