From Ronald to The Donald: “There are Two Donald Trumps” like there are (at least) Two Amerikas

By ann summers

We’ve moved from figures of speech to violent acts of speech on bodily figures; the history of the GOP and its Southern Strategy is now manifest in its ur-candidate, the WWE The People’s Bro-maniac tRump. As Ben Carson of the conjoined skulls says: “There are two Donald Trumps” perhaps much like the Two Amerikas. Is the American mind so bifucatedly conflicted.

angry old white man sucker-punches black man cuz tRump


Recent Trump rallies featured stochastic punching by angry white people or recent physical attacks on even RWNJ “journalists” mistaken for MSM by Trump’s campaign manager.

tRumpian security thuggery


But of course all the GOP POTUS candidates have pledged their support to whoever the nominee will be, so early onset fascism could be down the road. No more Left Speech left, just RW Speech Rights.

“If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement.”


UC Berkeley 1969 National Guard teargas attack on Sproul Plaza

(later) “I certainly don’t think there should be a bloodbath on campus or anywhere else,” he said. “It was just a figure of speech.”

“Reagan did not realize he had used the word ‘bloodbath.’ Beck had to play Reagan’s remarks back to him on a tape recorder before Reagan would believe him.”

The Sudetenland and Prague Spring to Somaliland and the Arab Spring


So from analog bloodbaths there will be digital bloodbaths as was a new surveillance system for all University of California electronic communication by its Office of the President that is unaccountable to students and faculty. FSM returns because DHS’s Janet Napolitano is now UC’s President. Shades of COINTEL and J.Edgar Cross-dresser during the ColdWar that Ronnie and Mommie (RIP) ended…

from Occupying Berkeley more recently, also Sproul Plaza

This split personality manifests itself as demented in a variety of ways


Even in polling, some 3% of Republicans polled still refer to themselves as “Liberal”. It could even be argued that Hillary Clinton supporters in their identification with the Bill Clinton administration come from that population — certainly specific sox/rux discourse exhibits some ideological indicators of that POV particularly in contrast with the Bernie Sanders democratic socialist message.

Swing voters often reinforce their identities as so-called “independents” rather than simply indecisive voters or “late-deciders”, the latter more operative in analysis of recent GOP primary voting.

Whether Reagan Democrats or Rockefeller Republicans, they are not necessarily the key to the election but certainly but have their room keys in the bowl. And The Donald does exhibit some features of a definite non-paleoconservative Republican RWNJ.220px-Swingers_ver2_1_.jpg


I stumbled blindly on the Rockefeller clue in the spring of 1976 and I admit I didn’t know what to do with it when I found it. The first crucial observation was that Jimmy Carter, altogether the smartest strate­gist and most compelling campaigner in a poor pri­mary field, had no base in the Democratic Party and little prospect of getting one. He was a former right­ to-work governor in a labor-bossed party, from a state that hadn’t voted Democratic for President in sixteen years; a rural southern WASP in a party (presidentially speaking) of northern urban ethnics; and a stranger, it seemed, to the several power establishments­ representing Jews, the congressional barons, foreign policy types, liberals, and the rest—that even in revised manuals were supposed to count for a lot. He bragged, of course, that he was indeed an uninitiated New Boy and that his outsiderhood would attract a new and unconventional base.

Behold! Even better than a key bowl at the swinger party — The Cook political report swingomatic:

To build a baseline model of the 2016 presidential election, we started with the results of the 2012 election, looking at support for Mitt Romney vs. President Obama by five demographic groups:

  • whites with college degrees,
  • whites without college degrees,
  • African-Americans,
  • Latinos and
  • Asians/others.

We then adjusted the size of those demographic groups based on four years of population change. From there, you can choose your own adventure: When you adjust each group’s national turnout and party breakdown, the Swing-O-Matic automatically recalculates each state’s election results, along with the outcome of the Electoral College and national popular vote. 

how changes in turnout and partisanship within five demographic groups would affect the outcome of the 2016 election…

Three swinging constraints:

1. A small shift in the national vote is all it would take for Republicans to break through Democrats’ supposed “Blue Wall.” 
2. The power of the Latino vote is frequently overstated. 
3. Sky-high African-American support and engagement is crucial for Democrats.



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