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Reflections on a Pearl

By Terry Welshans This view looks about east, with the supply depot, submarine base and fuel tank farm in the right center distance. A torpedo has just hit USS West Virginia on the far side of Ford Island (center). Other … Continue reading

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Terry Welshans; New Contributor on FFS

By Chuck Stanley If you notice the list of authors, Terry Welshans has joined the team.  Terry is an eclectic kind of guy, who is interested in just about everything. I have known him for a couple of years. He … Continue reading

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Can Occam’s Razor Still Cut?

by Terry Welshans I have been interested in conspiracy theories for some time. I suppose there has always been a dissenting point of view on about everything, but some of these theories fly in the face of Occam’s Razor with … Continue reading

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“It’s Not the End of the World at All”

“It’s not the end of the world at all,” he said. “It’s only the end for us. The world will go on just the same, only we shan’t be in it. I dare say it will get along all right … Continue reading

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TCS: 3-D Printers ‘Just One Word – Plastics’

The Coffee Shop is an open thread-style discussion forum for human interest news of the day. —oooOooo– This is an open thread. There are several hosts, each host being responsible for picking a “theme of the day” and starting the discussion. … Continue reading

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Airborne Cat Plays It Cool

When pilots of small aircraft run through their pre-flight check lists, they may want to add one more item: inspect plane for stowaway cats. Fortunately, this cat kept her cool, and made it to back to earth safely. Pilot Romain … Continue reading

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Why yes, that is an equation in my pocket, and no, I’m not happy to sit next to you!

  By ann summers Use a differential equation, get profiled… Pasta sauce is called “gravy” in South Philly but if you look too “foreign” and know some math, you could get in trouble. Gonna be a tough time at the … Continue reading

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Bring me the head of Diego Garcia: blaming the Brits for being Dodos about Disposession

By ann summers In 1966, the head of Britain’s Colonial Office, Lord Denis Greenhill, wrote about Chagos, “The object of the exercise is to get some rocks which will remain ours; there will be no indigenous population except seagulls who … Continue reading

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“If you meet The Buddha on the road, kill him.”

By ann summers All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else. -The Buddha Marx: “constant revolutionizing of production uninterrupted disturbance of all social … Continue reading

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Pilot saves lives by riding his plane into the ground instead of ejecting.

by Chuck Stanley There was a crash with fatalities at the Shoreham Airshow in West Sussex, England Saturday afternoon. A Hawker Hunter jet fighter was performing a loop, when it did not recover at the bottom of the loop. The … Continue reading

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