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Customs and Border Patrol Warrantless Searches

Dating back to at least 2009, Customs and Border Patrol has detained pilots of general aviation aircraft and have conducted warrantless searches.  In a typical scenario, after a routine flight, you land at your destination, taxi to the ramp—and then … Continue reading

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Lord Dampnut praises his own invidious motivations and “incompetent malevolence” with a tweet… SAD!

  By ann summers   You read that correctly: The President of the United States was tweeting approvingly an article describing his motivations as “invidious” and describing his actions using the phrase “incompetent malevolence.” Orange Gazbag’s apparently so stupid that … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom Day: George Washington and the First Amendment

by NONA BLYTH CLOUD January 16 is National Religious Freedom Day in the United States.  President Barack Obama in his Religious Freedom Day Presidential Proclamation: “I call on all Americans to commemorate this day with events and activities that teach … Continue reading

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Orange Gasbag’s soft despotism: Emoluments Clause & Mrs. Claus

  By ann summers Trump on his businesses/conflict q’s: “The law’s totally on my side, the president can’t have a conflict of interest.” — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) November 22, 2016 So apparently Executive Privilege is simply a version of Absolute … Continue reading

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flag/anthem/pledge blasphemy cuts only one way – either everyone or no one is politically correct

By ann summers In the case of one of the SF 49er quarterbacks, the negative reaction to his personal act of sitting during the playing of the national anthem has been sadly opportunistic and disproportionate even as the scale of the documenting … Continue reading

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It Takes 290 to Win

Terry Welshans On November 8, 2016, ballots will be cast to elect the 45th President of the United States. We elect our President in a two-step process that was established at the Constitutional Convention September 6, 1787. The first step … Continue reading

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got Constitution? got cold dead hands?

By ann summers   Protesters at a Donald Trump rally in Maine held up pocket copies of the Constitution, echoing a dramatic moment from the Democratic national convention. The Republican nominee briefly stopped his speech as protesters were escorted from … Continue reading

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